Book - "Panorama Alblasserwaard".

Meadows to which the development of the landscape can be seen, traces of earlier peat rivers, protected village views and ancient fortified towns. You can find them all in the Alblasserwaard. This photobook published by Watermerk shows how an old and rough moorland between the Merwede and the Leak developed into what it is now. The beautiful pictures show the special water management of the Alblasserwaard, the famous millcomplex of Kinderdijk, but also numerous other mills, a stork village, ancient farms, monumental village centres and more. The Alblasserwaard is abuzz with industrial and agricultural activity. Historian Dick Vuik briefly describes the life history of the Alblasserwaard, as the background of the photos of Eppo Notenboom. This book wants to inspire readers to explore the Alblasserwaard.

Author: Eppo Notenboom

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